Daikyo D Sigma Stoppers When you need to meet the highest quality expectations.

Daikyo D Sigma segments offer great elastomer segments for injectable prescriptions that are intended to diminish particulate, alleviate understanding dangers and decrease inconstancy. Another dimension of development brilliance, Daikyo D Sigma segments consolidate trend setting innovations and a long history of industry skill.

Molecule tainting has turned into a fervently discussed quality issue. Thus, the administrative weight on molecule free assembling (opportunity from noticeable molecule tainting) and the nonappearance of remote particulate issue and synthetic or physical polluting influences has turned into a test for the business 먹튀.

So as to meet these always expanding quality needs, West and Daikyo are satisfied to present Daikyo D Sigma – an unrivaled nature of elastomeric parts.

Daikyo D Sigma segments join a few basic quality traits, beginning with the most impenetrable particulate detail in Daikyo portfolio.

Daikyo D Sigma top notch elastomer segments consolidate cutting edge innovation and aptitude to give the most secure particulate detail in Daikyo portfolio and 100% dimensional check, diminishing changeability and moderate potential dangers to understanding wellbeing.

Our quality properties include:

Vision reviewed at 0.01mm² molecule sizes, Tighter AQL, Particle Testing performed ISO 8871-3 – Minimize medicate danger and upgrade understanding assurance

Segments provided washed and prepared to clean (RSV) or sterile and prepared for use (RUV) – Help lessen your assembling impression, streamline forms and redistribute dangers

Robotized 100% dimensional confirmation – Reduced danger of changeability

Best in class clean elastic plan – Low dimension of extractables and volatiles

Daikyo Flurotec® film – Forms a defensive boundary between the medication and its conclusion and decreases plug staying and amassing issues

RB2 Coating innovation – An option in contrast to silicone that lessens subvisible molecule decrease identified with silicone, improved machinability

West and the precious stone logo and STERILizableBag™ are trademarks of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. in the United States and different wards.Daikyo D Sigma Stoppers When you need to meet the highest quality expectations.

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