Expert: Are mobile phones harmful to pedestrian safety

Expert: Are mobile phones harmful to pedestrian safety

Currently, one of the most escalated topics is pedestrians who use mobile phones at pedestrian crossings. It is the road traffic rules (KETs) that are being targeted and planned by these road users, which were discussed by the government on Wednesday. LRT TV show “Good Day, Lithuania” about the planned KET changes for pedestrians talked to Prof. prof. Pedestrian Pukalsku, who says that the pedestrian crossing must be safely taken by the pedestrians themselves.

“It goes without saying that pedestrians have a preference for pedestrians, but unfortunately, it is always necessary to look around and make sure that car drivers notice, stop, stop and miss them,” Pukalsk says.

The professor agrees that today people are increasingly using a variety of smart devices, which make it distracting from core activities such as driving. According to him, such drivers are particularly dangerous. “Not only pedestrians but also other road users who use smart phones are growing.

Worse still, drivers start using them, surfing, or even seeing movies. In such cases, it is even worse and more dangerous than just a pedestrian on the phone, ”notes Pukalski. Of course, there are claims that using the phone while walking is as dangerous as far as swaying. But S. Pukalsky disagrees. “

You have to agree that the phone is the most distracting tool. Distraction could hardly distract you from the pedestrian crossing and the culmination of the driveway, as you would still turn your head and look at the approaching vehicle. The phone is a much bigger irritator and it distracts much more because it contains a lot of information, necessary and unnecessary content, so it is really a danger, ”says Pukalski. And who will control? The adoption of KET amendments is one step. Next – control. This function should be performed by police officers.

However, as Pukalsky observes, the police are unlikely to devote much of their time to walking. “We will not create a police officer for each traffic participant and the police will not follow the pedestrians unless it is a campaign. However, if an accident were to happen, after hearing the witnesses, what could have been the fault? Is a pedestrian who went without looking at what is happening around, or a driver who did not notice the pedestrian and missed it, ”says Pukalski. Restrictions on the use of mobile phones on pedestrian crossings are not the only intended change to the KET.

It is also proposed to change the current procedure, where a pedestrian driver must only spend when he enters a pedestrian crossing. It is suggested that the driver stop at the pedestrian crossing when the pedestrian only intends to cross the street. “I don’t think that at least a skilled driver wouldn’t be able to recognize if a pedestrian is going to go or just stands. If a pedestrian is standing at the crossing, looking at the incoming vehicles, the fact that he does it is not just for himself, but watches or misses the can check here infomation about mobilieji telefonai.

The previous rule that only a walking footman should be missed can not even get in, as he is not safe to enter until the vehicle stops. Therefore, I think the current provision is appropriate. The driver, after seeing the pedestrian on the driveway, should stop, “Pukalsky says positively.

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