Factors that favor pregnancy

Factors that favor pregnancy

And the statistics prove it. A study conducted by Ginefiv assisted reproduction clinic reveals that the demand for fertility treatments is increased in the summer months by 12 percent compared to the rest of the year. Summer working hours and holiday rest favor pregnancy in a natural way and also help to successfully face assisted reproduction treatment.

The summer, the relaxation of the holidays, the relaxation of schedules … decisively influence the predisposition to get pregnant, but there are other factors to consider such as these 10 tips to get pregnant recommended by the medical team of the Ginefiv clinic:

1.  Age . After the age of 35 , the difficulties to conceive begin, the risk of abortion increases and the possibility of the baby suffering from a chromosomal disorder. For each year of delay after 35 years, the chances of getting pregnant are reduced by 5 percent, due to the decrease in oocyte quality and the reserve of eggs.  

 2. Healthy life Tobacco and alcohol reduce the chances of pregnancy and  increase the chances of having abortions, extrauterine gestations and other complications such as placenta previa, prematurity … and even risk of early menopause. The alcohol is Heforbidden altogether during pregnancy. 

3. Ideal weight . Obesity and extreme thinness are  detrimental to fertility. On the one hand, obesity is associated with failures in ovulation and an increased risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension, while excessive thinness can reduce the production of the hormone GnRH and alter ovulation, as well as affect the availability of the uterine lining for allow the embryo to be implanted in it.  

4.  Foods that help. Adiet high in antioxidants (such as fruits and vegetables), vitamins, folic acid (present in foods such as cereals) and omega-3 fatty acids (tuna, salmon, sardines or seafood), since they can improve the quality of ovules and male sperm. In contrast, coffee and foods made with refined flours negatively affect female fertility . you can check here infomation about Como quedar embarazada mas rapido.

5.  Relaxation . Stress can lower the level of gonadotropins and increase prolactin levels, which can eventually lead to lack of ovulation. 

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