Tourism Industry Supports National Economy

Tourism Industry Supports National Economy

One of the films that was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, the Arctic will air in Indonesia. The film itself tells the story of adventure in an ice desert in Iceland. Now, Arctic is awaited by film lovers in Indonesia.

Some artists who are certain to watch the Arctic film are singer Nowela. He claimed he could not wait to watch the film which will begin airing March 27, 2019.

It will be on March 27, simultaneously in all theaters. Artic films that are said to be really happening. The best adventure movie ever. So you have to go to the movies, it must be really cool,” Nowela said as seen in a video Thursday 2019).

The same thing was said by Gading Marten. Gisella Anastasia’s ex-husband even claimed to be interested in making a similar film.

This Arctic film is really crazy, really cool. I think this is the best adventure film. I want to make a movie like this too, especially after I got home from Everest, Nepal,” Gading Marten said.

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Arctic is a film that tells of a wealthy man played by Mads Mikkelsen who was stranded at the North Pole because of a plane crash tragedy. The incident finally forced Mads to live alone in the desert of snow.

He faced a difficult decision, remained in a relatively safe place in the fuselage or had to look for opportunities to survive from the snow area which of course is very dangerous.

The Arctic film was filmed for 19 days in Iceland. Some time ago, this film successfully received a warm welcome at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

Arctic Film will air on the CGV cinema network, Cinemaxx and Platinum Cineplex on March 27, 2019.

Tourism is one of the potential industrial sectors. Bank Indonesia (BI) even mentioned that the tourism sector is the most effective sector to boost Indonesia’s foreign exchange. One reason, the resources needed to further develop tourism are in the country.For best services you can visit just goto¬†nonton movie.

Check out the video here

The intended resources, in addition to human resources (HR) also include, among other things, the vastness of the region and the diversity that exists in the country, becoming the main attraction for foreign tourists. There are a variety of exotic and stunning destinations. Not only is nature tourism rich, cultural and historical tourism in Indonesia, it is also interesting because Indonesia has hundreds of tribes spread from Aceh (Sabang) to Papua (Merauke).

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