World of Warcraft – Death Knight Primer

World of Warcraft – Death Knight Primer

I really like this course, even with the recent changes. There is a lot about DKs that is understood and also a lot only now being discovered. And since they use plate armor, they are battle tough.

As a Death Knight your special attacks are based from runic energy, which is like energy/rage for other classes. As you strike this builds up and can be utilized whenever.

Departure Knights have three talent trees: Hybrid, Frost and Unholy.

Many individuals wrongly think that tree is for a single thing, like Frost for tanking, just or the most appropriate for something, but that is false. rb88 You can tank at Blood and Unholy too. You can DPS as Unholy, Blood, Frost/Unholy mix and so forth.

Here’s the bottom line. Getting your DK out of 55 (beginning point) to 80 will be fun and what you spec in isn’t likely to matter much. Conserve the hours of analyzing, reading for if you hit 80.

Starting out you’ll do easy quests to make talent points and experience and awesome starting gear. When you leave the DK beginning area, you’ll be 58 and ready for Outlands. You’ll have all of your abilities and gloomy gear.

My advice is to select a tree and go with this. My first time I did Unholy and loved it. Next time I picked Frost and that’s fun too. There’s no actual”best leveling tree” since they all do nicely. So pick one and go deep inside. You can always change.

And don’t change until you have played deep into the tree.

Wow, leveling is super simple. I have multiple degree 80s and didn’t spend night and day getting them there.

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